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Meditative Visualizations

How 2 Minutes A Day Can Change Your LifE

Golden Temple Meditations (GTM) launched it's first offering into the marketplace for seekers of better living through meditation and long-term lifestyle enhancements. The eBook and the Audio Recording, both easily available to download from Amazon and iTunes, is not just another guided meditation. This stand-alone and compact collection of tools and techniques for meditation includes:


  • Beginners Introduction to the world of meditation

  • Basic breathing and grounding techniques used in many Meditative and Relaxation Practices

  • A stand-alone "Two Minute Breath Meditation" guided visualization

  • Four Additional Meditative Visualizations for Self-Paced development of your meditation practice 

  • Gently but strongly held meditative field for self-healing and empowerment through

    • consciously building resilience in our ever-changing world

    • learning self-acceptance through paying attention to yourself  

    • enhancing your discernment skills by trusting your inner best self

    • much more...